Weight Management
Could Weight-Loss Surgery Save Your Life?
If you are obese, surgery to lose weight may be safer than carrying around those extra pounds. But is losing weight worth the risks associated with surgery? Take a look at the latest research.
Maintaining Weight Loss
Keeping extra weight off requires effort and commitment, just as losing weight does.
Maintain a Healthy Weight for a Lifetime
Which is more important to you -- being able to wear the jeans you wore five years ago, or being able to move better, have more energy and improve your health?
Snacking Can Help You Maintain a Healthy Weight
Many nutrition experts say that having a healthy snack midmorning or midafternoon can help you maintain your energy and prevent you from eating too much at lunch or dinner.
Healthy Strategies for Weight Loss
Experts say the long-term success at weight loss requires a balance between diet and physical activity.
Even with Weight-Loss Drugs, Losing Pounds Isn't Easy
Out of the millions Americans who are overweight and go on a diet each year, many regain all or a part of the weight they lose within five years.
Stress Can Pack on Pounds
Many people hunger for sweets, salty snacks, and other processed foods when they are stressed. One solution: Reach for healthy high-fiber snacks with a bit of the tastes you crave.
Emotional Eating: How to Cope
Emotional eating affects most everyone from time to time, but regularly letting your feelings guide your food intake can affect your health.